Google Reps Harassment Calls

When you manage an ad account with Google, your account will automatically be assigned a “Google Ads Expert” or “Google Ads Specialist” (and in my experience… the title did not hold with any of them). Every quarter, these outsourced to india or the philippines specialists are given quotas of performance and new feature adoption that they must meet. These quotas exactly match Google’s Optimization Score or Recommendations section, which generally fall into:

  • Increase Spend
  • Auto apply suggestions
  • Loosen Targeting

Based recommendations.

When you get over $10,000 in monthly ad spend budget is when you are assigned a US Google Ad Specialist. They have the same agenda, just US based staff.

Between outsourced and insourced teams, Google has decided to actively and continually campaign new gamified features that often hurt active advertiser performance or result in a loss of revenue to the company.

So What Is the Harm in Active Support?

Well, for starters, they call you non stop. 2-3 times per week. Every week. Some times 2-3 times per day. And each time you request to stop getting calls from them, they say they’ll mark it in your profile, and then you’ll get another call from a new one shortly after.

They have accounts on rotation, for reasons I can’t understand, which results in a constant onslaught of random people from India calling you for your Google Ads account management, even though they have pretty much 0 ad management experience and are just trained to do basic recommendations that are all the same.

The ultimate point is that as a professional, a professional relationship with Google Ads is one of consistent power struggle, where if you don’t play along with Google’s 0-transparency technology pushes and ever increasing ad spend budgets, your business will be left off of paid search for 90% of the world.

So common, it’s a known issue in the industry. Check out these separate community forums

Date of Emails

I have personally started to count the frequency of their communications. Sometimes, it’s infrequent. Then about once a quarter there is a flurry of inbound emails and calls.

Still counting, but currently found:

Date of Calls

Calls, for me, have been an emotional challenge. At first, you want to be kind to people who call you. But after so many months of frequent calling, desperation sets in and one starts to become reluctant to even answer their phone. I would say about 1/3 of all inbound calls I receive for work are Google Reps trying to call for an appointment.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to get them to stop harassing you. At least, pleading won’t work, swearing at them won’t work, politely requesting you remove them from your list doesn’t work.


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